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Helping animal feed producers. Feed the World.

Cross-platform software connects producers with manufacturers and movers for enhanced visibility.


Empowering Global Animal Nutrition

Empowering feed manufacturers to sustainably increase global food safety, security, and availability.


Pass Audits with Ease!

Feedware MTX streamlines all your production data into one management tool.


Enhancing Animal Nutrition,
Strengthening Supply Chains

Cross-platform software connects top office, mill floor, & warehouse for effective optimization.


Integrated Systems

Integrated systems help make your feed production operations faster and easier. They can save you time and help you get more done.

Consistent Compliance

Our systems makes it easy for animal feed manufacturers, producers and movers to ensure they meet safety standards for feed and ingredients.

Dependable Traceability

Historical lookup and analysis of your entire feed mill data stack including production reports, operational data, supply-chain metrics, & more!

Real Time Logistics

Track and manage inventory across warehouse and distribution facilities.  Take your feed mill shipping and receiving to the next level.

Elevating Standards in Traceability & Quality Control

Maintaining traceability and quality control means making sure all products that enter or leave your facilities are made correctly and with the right ingredients. 

Effortless Logistics: WMX Revolutionizes Truck Scheduling

  • Efficient Task Scheduling: WMX optimizes task scheduling, ensuring timely deliveries and streamlined operations, reducing delays and improving efficiency.
  • Automated Operations: Streamline tasks across various operations, reducing manual effort.
  • User-Friendly Interface: WMX offers an intuitive interface and robust organization features, making task management easy and efficient, ensuring tasks are completed without complications
  • Advanced Transportation Solutions: WMX integrates intelligent transportation systems, ensuring seamless coordination between different modes of transport, enhancing overall transportation efficiency.

FEEDWARE Integrated Systems Deliver Exceptional Outcomes

  • One-click Order Disbursements
  • Simplify Workflows & Processes
  • Get More Data from your Plant Floor

The solutions created for our organization have eliminated repeated data entry tasks in order creation and management, in turn this has allowed our staff to be more productive with their time

Private CustomerWestern Canada

Our quality score has noticeably gone up since implementing the platform. We are now able to dedicate more time on developing new products while having the peace of mind that all our products are easily tracked

Private CustomerSouthern Alberta

FEEDWARE has enhanced operations across our western Canadian facilities and allowed us to scale faster than ever due to just how flexible the system is in our feed operations

Private CustomerWestern Canada

Simply put, FEEDWARE is an excellent tool to accelerate our 24/7 production and provides great reporting while working remotely. We've been very pleased with the results from implementing the software in our business.

Private CustomerCentral Alberta

FEEDWARE: Cultivating Growth, One Byte at a Time.

Save Time. Add Value.

Level Up Your Agribusiness Game: Our software turbocharges efficiency, slashes costs, and boosts your decision-making savvy. Dive into real-time data and sharp analytics, gaining a 360-degree view of your operations. Spot bottlenecks, supercharge production, all with ease. Oh, and did we mention? Seamless integration with your existing systems – ERP, MES, WMS – for a total agribiz overhaul. Your operations, our expertise – a perfect match!

AgMix, TiTS, MTX and WMX will be deprecated as of March 13th, 2024.  FS and FX Lineup available March 13th, 2024.